Sentence Examples with the word hotel

The hotel de ville occupies the former Hotel du Presidial, an obsolete tribunal, and contains the municipal library.

In this part are the law court, the chateau and the hotel de ville (built in the 18th century), and a belfry tower of the 13th and 17th centuries is in the immediate neighbourhood.

If you want me to get a hotel room, I totally understand.

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The hotel de Than, also of the 16th century, is remarkable for its graceful dormer-windows.

The actual framing of the British North America Act, into which the resolutions of these two conferences were consolidated, was carried out at the Westminster Palace Hotel in London, during December 1866 and January 1867, by delegates from all the provinces working in co-operation with the law officers of the Crown, under the presidency of Lord Carnarvon, then secretary of state for the colonies.

The ancient episcopal palace is now used as a court of justice; a public library is kept in the hotel de ville.

I'm not sure I do, but I saw you leave The Beaumont Hotel with Dickinson Faust.

The hotel de ville contains a library and a museum which possesses a collection of paintings of the Flemish school and some interesting souvenirs of Napoleon I.

He handed the phone to me as a manager or hotel big-wig came out of the back to check on the crises.

The Hotel des Invalides founded by Louis XIV.