Sentence Examples with the word hot-wire

In certain forms, hot-wire instruments are well adapted for the measurement of very small alternating currents.

From this it follows that hot-wire ammeters are generally not capable of giving visible indications below a certain minimum current for each instrument.

In constructing a hot-wire instrument for the measurement of high frequency currents it is necessary to make the working wire of a number of fine wires placed in parallel and slightly separated from one another, and to rpass the whole of the current to be measured through this strand.

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In the Hartmann and Braun form of hot-wire voltmeter, the fine wire is fixed between two supports, and the expansion produced when a current is passed through it causes the wire to sag down, the sag being multiplied by a gear and made to move an indicating needle over a scale.

Another form of hot-wire ammeter is a modification of the electric thermometer originally invented by Sir W.