Sentence Examples with the word hot weather

The ordinary load for a pack camel is about 400 lb, and in hot weather good camels will march 20 to 25 m.

It was first used in 1861, and since then has been employed during the hot weather as a health station for the British troops quartered in the hot and malarious vale of Peshawar.

In the monsoon the Cochin backwaters are broad navigable channels and lakes; in the hot weather they contract into shallows in many places not 2 ft.

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The climate of Berar differs very little from that of the Deccan generally, except that in the Payanghat valley the hot weather may be exceptionally severe.

Lime in hot weather is owing to exudations of sugar.

Nevertheless owing to the dryness of the climate, the unclouded sun fully warms the earth during the long summer days in those high latitudes, and gives a short period of warm and even hot weather in the immediate neighbourhood of the pole of cold.

Stood our old Sammy off to the northward, to get out of the blazing hot weather there on the Line.

In the Shan States there are a few open plateaus, fertile and well populated, and Maymyo in the Mandalay district, the hill-station to which in the hot weather the government of Burma migrates, stands in the Pyin-u-lwin plateauYsome 3500 ft.

The thirst for blood is stimulated by heat, and in temperate climates it is only during hot weather that mosquitoes are troublesome.

Though a large and broad river, and in the rains containing a great volume of water, in the hot weather months it dwindles down to an inconsiderable stream.