Sentence Examples with the word hot water

Where it is impossible for the patient to visit Carlsbad, half a teaspoonful or a teaspoonful of salt may be taken in a large tumbler of hot water on rising every morning; but when taken at home the treatment is not so effective as at Carlsbad, because at the wells sipping water is associated with early rising, considerable exercise and a very carefully regulated diet.

Much can be done in this case to clean the seed before sowing by immersing it in hot water or in some solution that will kill the spores without injuring the grain.

The manner in which the circulation of hot water takes place in the tubes is as follows.

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They are collected for use at late evening or early morning, while in a dull bedewed condition, by shaking them off the trees or shrubs into cloths spread on the ground; and they are killed by dipping them into hot water or vinegar, or by exposing them for some time over the vapour of vinegar.

Steam is then turned on to the outside of the bags and sheaths, and hot water is run through them to wash out all the sweets they contain.

In the old days there was a hand pump in the kitchen and no hot water you didn't boil yourself.

There are many different systems of heating by hot water circulating in pipes.

These salts crystallize out when the water is partially evaporated and may be used with hot water at home, the best imitation of the Carlsbad water being obtained by mixing with hot water the powdered Carlsbad salts (pulverformig), which contain all the constituents of the natural water.

For large buildings where large quantities of hot water are used an independent boiler of suitable size should be installed.

It is obtained by breaking up the roots or rhizomes in hot water and separating the rubber, and machines have now been devised for this purpose.