Sentence Examples with the word hospice

In 1870 a hospice for poorer pilgrims was erected.

An interesting feature of the Cote d'Or is the Hospice de Beaune, a celebrated charitable institution and hospital, the revenues of which are principally derived from certain vineyards in Beaune, Corton, Volnay and Pommard.

Either as a soldier or a merchant, he found his way to Jerusalem, where a hospice had for some time existed for the convenience of those who wished to visit the holy places.

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Thus ribat came to mean a religious house or hospice (zawiya).

Hollingbourne come Westwell, Eastwell, Boughton Aluph, Godmersham, Chilham Castle, and then at Harbledown, where are the remains of the Hospice of St Nicholas, the road joins Watling Street, by which came the main stream of pilgrims from London, the North and the Midlands.

When he arrived near Loyola he would not go to the castle, but lived at the public hospice at Azpeitia, and began his usual life of teaching Christian doctrine and reforming morals.

After holding for some years the office of directress of the Hospice Trivulzio for Blue Nuns at Milan, she herself joined the sisterhood, and in this austere order ended her days on the 9th of January 1799.

He retired to the hospice ' Louis de Berquin, who died on the 17th of April 1529, belonged to a noble family of Artois.

He became court preacher, counsellor of the Consistory, director of the Maison francaise, a hospice for French people, inspector of the French gymnasium and superintendent of all the French churches in Brandenburg.

Thus, the direct distance, as the crow flies, between Brig and the hospice of the Simplon amounts to 4.42 geogr.