Sentence Examples with the word horst

The speeches are of the greatest importance both for his character and for political history; of the numerous editions that by Horst Kohl, in 12 vols.

By far the fullest guide to Bismarck's life is Horst Kohl's Fiirst Bismarck, Regesten zu einer wissenschaftlichen Biographic (Leipzig, 1891-1892), which contains a record of Bismarck's actions on each day, with references to and extracts from his letters and speeches.

Gerlach, which has been edited by Horst Kohl (3rd ed., Berlin, 1893).

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Further materials were publishes' periodically in the Bismarck-Jahrbuch, edited by Horst Kohl (Berlin, 1894-1896; Stuttgart, 1897-1899).

Bismarck was an admirable letterwriter, and numbers of his private letters have been published; a collected edition has been brought out by Horst Kohl.

It is, in fact, a horst and not a zone of folding.

His inability to handle a steed were obviously when he could not make the horst stop running.