Sentence Examples with the word horribly

The Indians within the limits of the Spanish colony were treated like slaves, and horribly mutilated to prevent their escape; but at the same time a gradual fusion of races was taking place, and the Chilean peasant (peon) of to-day is as much of Indian as of Spanish descent.

Andalusia by Deposition General Pavia, who was horribly wounded, but it of Isabella.

He once dreamed her naked torso was horribly disfigured by a giant birthmark but the truth was more likely childlike modesty kept in check by a general arrogance that forbade her to admit anything deemed to be a weakness.

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He wanted the only woman who chose to sacrifice herself to the Original Other, as part of a horribly planned attempt to save those she loved.

Darian lay on his back staring at the ceiling with brooding golden eyes, his horribly scarred body hidden under turtleneck and gloves and socks, even in the safety of his room.

Dead and wounded alike were horribly mutilated by order of Alula.

During the sack of Brescia in 1512, he was horribly mutilated by some French soldiers.

Starting from a brief standing sleep, I was horribly conscious of something fatally wrong.

He knelt beside them, staring at the horribly scarred man.

I feel horribly for Julie stuck out there with him on her hands.