Sentence Examples with the word horrible

The night was a blur in her mind, a combination of strange, fuzzy dreams about blood and tossing and turning from the horrible fever.

Diogo Lopes escaped through the gratitude of a beggar to whom he had formerly done a kindness; but Coelho and Gonzales were executed, with horrible tortures, in the very presence of the king.

Eric at first offered a stout resistance and won two victories; but on the 17th of September the dukes stood before Stockholm, and Eric, after surrendering Gdran Persson to the horrible vengeance of his enemies, himself submitted, and resigned the crown.

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Incarceration was no doubt practised by irresponsible masters, regardless of personal rights, callous to the sufferings of their victims, to which death by starvation or horrible neglect was a welcome relief.

The blind kings gradual revelation, under horrible torture, of the place of concealment of his several jewels and treasures, and his deportation and death (of the injuries thus received, at Damghan, en route to Mazandaran), must be classed among the darkest records of Oriental history.

He wanted to condemn the horrible things past-Death had done that resulted in an innocent human being thrown to the Dark One.

Oh, horrible vultureism of earth! from which not the mightiest whale is free.

She was a horrible liar, uncertain enough in her attempts that he assessed she didn't do it often.

She had a feeling it was a horrible inside joke.

But most probably this deity had another less abstract name, and the horrible worship offered in the one temple which he really had under the Incas, accorded with his true cosmic significance as the god of the subterranean fire.