Sentence Examples with the word hornless

From this it seems probable that Palaeotragus and Ocapia indicate the ancestral type of the giraffe-line; while it has been further suggested that the apparently hornless Helladotherium of the Female Okapi.

Helladotherium was a much larger animal, known by a single hornless skull from the Pliocene of Greece, which may be that of a female.

This belief seems to be especially prevalent amongst breeders of cattle; but how, for example, a long-horned Highland bull, used for crossing with black hornless Galloway cows, could subsequently get Galloway-like calves out of pure Highland heifers it is impossible to imagine.

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Picticaudata form a group in which the females are hornless and the face-markings inconspicuous or wanting.

The Guinea lop-eared breed, it may be mentioned, is believed to inherit its drooping ears and throat wattles from an infusion of the blood of the Roman-nosed hornless Theban goat (see Goat).

Polled, or hornless, breeds, such as the polled Angus and polled Suffolk, are of interest, as showing how easily the horns can be eliminated, and thus indicating a hornless ancestry.

Of course, attacking an adult Texas long horn was a little different than a herd of hornless goats, but the cow was supposed to be carrying a calf.

Galloway also gives its name to a famous indigenous breed of black hornless cattle.