Sentence Examples with the word hornbeam

The hornbeam thrives well on stiff, clayey, moist soils, into which its roots penetrate deeply; on chalk or gravel it does not flourish.

The beech might be used instead of the hornbeam on suitable soil.

Pedunculata), wych-elm (Ulmus montana), hornbeam (Carpsnus betulus, L.), juniper (Juniperus excelsa, J.

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The trees chiefly used for the hedges, and the best for the purpose, are the hornbeam among deciduous trees, or the yew among evergreens.

The oak, pine, beech, hornbeam and birch are the chief varieties of trees.

The inner part of the bark of the hornbeam is stated by Linnaeus to afford a yellow dye.

A large area is under forests, the oak, beech, fir, birch and hornbeam being the principal trees.

The woods consist chiefly of pine and hazel upon theApennines, and upon the Calabrian, Sicilian and Sardinian mountains of oak, ilex, hornbeam and similar trees.

Where artificial copsewood is the object, hazel, hornbeam and other bushes may be planted between the oaks; but, when large timber is required, the trees are best without undergrowth.

The hornbeam is prevalent in the Ukraine, and the maple begins to appear in the S.