Sentence Examples with the word horn in

CAIUS SOLLIUS APOLLINARIS SIDONIUS (c. 430-487 or 488), Christian writer and bishop, was horn in Lyons about A.D.

Guanaco are found throughout the southern half of South America, from Peru in the north to Cape Horn in the south, but occur in greatest abundance in Patagonia.

The lateness of the season forced him to round Cape Horn in very stormy weather, and the navigating instruments of the time did not allow of exact observation.

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And when you get around to wondering, Lori had enough respect for you and I that she wouldn't horn in on our relationship, either.

Yet, in the preface to the score Wagner speaks very strongly of the loss of the original character of the horn in the hands of ordinary players; and goes so far as to say that, if experience had not shown that they could be trained to play nearly as smoothly as the classical players, he would have renounced all the advantages of the new mechanism.) 3 trumpets.