Sentence Examples with the word horn

Carmen barely had the rope unwrapped from the horn before water and debris shoved the tree further.

Now, however effective against Plato's contemporary Cynics or Atomists, the reasoning is thrown away upon the Stoics, who take boldly the one horn of this dilemma.

In the many discussions of this question writers seem to throw us from one horn to another of a dilemma--either a born genius in Helen Keller, or a perfect method in the teacher.

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The sixth grade, for civilians an egret, for the military a tiger-cat with a mother-of-pearl clasp. The seventh grade, for civilians a mandarin duck, for the military a mottled bear with a silver clasp. The eighth grade, for civilians a quail, for the military a seal with a clear horn clasp. The ninth grade, for civilians a long-tailed jay, for the military a rhinoceros with a buffalo-horn clasp.

Silver chloride, AgC1, constitutes the mineral cerargyrite or horn silver; mixed with clay it is the butter-milk ore of the German miners.

The lateness of the season forced him to round Cape Horn in very stormy weather, and the navigating instruments of the time did not allow of exact observation.

From the figures of warriors on the inscribed golden horn found at Gallehus (Jutland) in 1734.

Among the tools of bone and stag's horn were awls, needles, harpoons, scraping tools and haftings for stone axe-heads.

They continued to watch as the children began tossing small stones at their floating treasure, trying to halt its progress, when the sound of a horn startled them.

In his foreign policy Horn was extremely wary and cautious, yet without compromising either the independence or the self-respect of his country.