Sentence Examples with the word hops

Tobacco, in the Werra district, hops and flax are also raised.

There is a special cultivation of hops in the district north-west of 's Hertogenbosch.

The total production of hops was 29,000 tons in 1905, and of this over 25,000 were grown in Bavaria, Wurttemberg, Baden and Alsace-Lorraine.

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Galicia has the largest area under potatoes and legumes in the whole of Austria, and hemp, flax, tobacco and hops are of considerable importance.

Tobacco, oil-seeds, chicory and hops may also be specified, while a little wine, of an inferior quality, is produced near Granberg.

The soil occupied by hops was estimated in 1905 at 98,000 acres a larger area than in Great Britain, which had in the same year about 48,000 acres.

There is also considerable trade in hops and vegetables.

The woods and fields in the neighbourhood abound with English song-birds, and the streams are stocked with trout; while the orchards in the town and suburbs are famous for English kinds of fruit, and hops are extensively cultivated.

On the ragstone the soil is occasionally thin and much mixed with small portions of sand and stone; but in some situations the ragstone has a thick covering of clay loam, which is most suitable for the production of hops and fruits.

Smaller areas are devoted to maize, buckwheat, pease, rape, hemp, flax, hops and tobacco.