Sentence Examples with the word hopper

Here they are discharged (washed and freed from any adherent soil) into an elevator, which carries them up to the top of the building and delivers them into a hopper feeding the slicer.

The coins are placed in a rouleau in the hopper C and the lowest one is pushed on to the pan B by a slide not shown in the figure.

This hopper was divided into two parts by vertical division plates, against the bottom edge of which the knives in the disk forced the roots and sliced and pulped them.

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The blanks are charged into a hopper at one end of the furnace and conveyed towards the other end by a revolving Archimedean screw.

The coal is dropped into a hopper by a grab.

The knife-edges on which the hopper rests are on two hori - zontal levers, one on each side of the hop From the Notice issued by the Standards Department per.

Sugar Weighing M the frame of the ma chine, and transmit the weight of the hopper by means of an intermediate lever and a vertical rod to the indicator lever.

The sugar is run into a conical hopper and is delivered into the open mouth of a bag which is placed on the goods - pan of a balance.

Shortly after this is done the mechanism at the back of the hopper automatically opens the doors at the bottom of the hopper, and the coal drops out.

The canvas was laid in a hopper barge and there filled with the concrete and sewn up. The enormous bag was then dropped through a door in the bottom of the barge upon the breakwater foundation.