Sentence Examples with the word hopkinson

Dr Hopkinson presented a rare combination of practical with theoretical ability, and his achievements in pure scientific research are not less intrinsically notable than the skill with which he applied their results to the solution of concrete engineering problems. His original work is contained in more than sixty papers, all written with a complete mastery both of style and of subject-matter.

JOHN HOPKINSON (1849-1898), English engineer and physicist, was born in Manchester on the 27th of July 1849.

The formula indicates that the sensibility of the instrument should increase with the charge of the Leyden jar or needle, whereas Hopkinson found that as the potential of the needle was increased by working the replenisher of the jar, the deflection due to three volts difference between the quadrants first increased and then diminished.

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It is probable that Hopkinson did not attach sufficient importance to the demagnetizing action of the cut (cf.

Judge Chase was defended by the ablest lawyers in the country, including Luther Martin, Robert Goodloe Harper (1765-1825), Philip Barton Key (1757-1815), Charles Lee (1758-1815), and Joseph Hopkinson (1770-1842).

Alloys And Compounds Of Iron In 1885 Hopkinson (Phil.