Sentence Examples with the word hopkins

Van Deman Magoffin, Topography and Municipal History of Praeneste (Johns Hopkins University Studies, xxvi.

We surprised our dear friends, however, for they did not expect us Saturday; but when the bell rung Miss Marrett guessed who was at the door, and Mrs. Hopkins jumped up from the breakfast table and ran to the door to meet us; she was indeed much astonished to see us.

Channing in Johns Hopkins University, Studies in History vol.

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The San Francisco Institute of Art, conducted by the San Francisco Art Association (organized 1872), known until the fire of 1906 as the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art, was deeded (1893) to the Regents of the State University in trust for art purposes by a later owner.

He was educated at Johns Hopkins (A.B.

Mrs. Hopkins has been a matron at the Perkins Institution for twenty years, and during the time that Miss Sullivan was a pupil there she was like a mother to her.

Johns Hopkins University is a leading institution of the United States for graduate study.

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Adams, Taxation in Maryland, Johns Hopkins University Studies (Baltimore, 1900), an historical account of the sources of the state's revenue and administration of its taxing system; A.

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