Sentence Examples with the word hopeful

They had a tough road ahead, yet after talking with Jackson and seeing them together, she felt hopeful they would overcome the many obstacles they would encounter.

Beyond all question one of the most hopeful features in Irish agriculture.

Betsy was hopeful she might confirm the people lived in the area at time of the dream.

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Secondly, it does not content itself with the mere formulae of thinking, but pushes forward to theories of method, knowledge and science; and it is a hopeful sign to find this epistemological spirit, to which England was accustomed by Mill, animating German logicians such as Lotze, Daring, Schuppe, Sigwart and Wundt.

Both high commissioner and the imperial government were hopeful that Kruger might even yet be induced to modify his policy; the Uitlanders now entertained no such hope and they prepared to appeal to arms to obtain redress of their grievances.

He looked at the crowd, and rendered more hopeful by the expression he read on the faces there, he smiled sadly and timidly, and lowering his head shifted his feet on the step.

Prayer is much more hopeful and efficacious for a worshipper who has means of bringing near to himself, and even coercing the god he worships.

She stepped forward, curious and hopeful she did fall into the water and end everything right here.

The council of Constance assembled in 1414 under auspices hopeful not only for the extinction of the schism but for the general reform of the Church.

Sicily in truth never had a more hopeful champion than Hiero II.