Sentence Examples with the word hop

The principal hop districts are the country between Canterbury and Faversham, the valley of the Medway in mid Kent, and the district of the Weald.

Alost is famous to-day for its hop gardens and linen-bleaching establishments.

These beetles, characterized by their skipping movements and enlarged hind femora, also attack the hop (Haltica concinna), the vine in America (Graptodera chalybea, Illig.), and numerous other species of plants, being specially harmful to seedlings and young growth.

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Alston's observations were founded on what occurred in certain unisexual plants, such as Mercurialis, Spinach, Hemp, Hop and Bryony.

This thought, if a wordless sensation may be called a thought, made me hop and skip with pleasure.

The first scientific expedition to reach the Orange was that under Captain Henry Hop sent by Governor Tulbagh in 1761, partly to investigate the reports concerning a semi-civilized yellow race living north of the great river.

He would fly to Los Angeles and transfer for the short hop north to Santa Barbara.

Robert and I will run and jump and hop and dance and swing and talk about birds and flowers and trees and grass and Jumbo and Pearl will go with us.

The Hop Exchange is across the river in Southwark.

Saaz is the centre of the extensive hop trade of the neighbourhood.