Sentence Examples with the word hooks

In the ectoparasitic Trematodes this post-oral sucker is a complex disk placed near the hinder end and provided With suckerlets, hooks and a musculature arising from a special skeleton.

To prevent accidents from the breaking of the rope while the cage is travelling in the shaft, or from over-winding when in consequence of the engine not being stopped in time the cage may be drawn up to the head-gear pulleys (both of which are unhappily not uncommon), various forms of safety catches and disconnecting hooks have been adopted.

Copper-bottomed cookware hung from hooks on one wall.

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Mention has already been made of the series of curved hooks along the costa of the hind-wing; by means of this arrangement the two wings of a side are firmly joined together during flight, which thus becomes particularly accurate.

During the regency of Maximilian the turbulence of the Hooks caused much strife and unrest in Holland.

They made mother-of-pearl fishhooks, and they still use a part of those old hooks - or artificial bait - in combination with steel hooks, the native-made portion being generally shaped like a small fish.

Large objects are suspended in the tanks by hooks or wires, care being taken to shift their position and so avoid wire-marks.

These complex organs have apparently arisen by the increase in depth and differentiation of an accessory sucker such as is borne on the phyllidia of the former group. Lastly, the scolex of the more familiar Taeniidae (Tetracotylea) carries a rostellum encircled with hooks and four cup-shaped suckers the margins of which do not project beyond the surface of the body.

But to a large and thorough sweeping comprehension of him, it behooves me now to unbutton him still further, and untagging the points of his hose, unbuckling his garters, and casting loose the hooks and the eyes of the joints of his innermost bones, set him before you in his ultimatum; that is to say, in his unconditional skeleton.

The body is enveloped by a thick striated protective cuticle which is frequently raised into hooks or spines.