Sentence Examples with the word hook

Wide, and is lighted by a fixed light on the ancient donjon of Hook Tower (139 ft.

In future, in order to stop a fire, houses could be pulled down in case of need with an alderman's hook and cord.

Then the Wizard bent a pin for a hook and took a long piece of string from his pocket for a fish-line.

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For this operation, or its reverse, a man has to go in between the wagons, unless, as in Great Britain, he is provided with a coupling-stick - that is, a pole having a peculiarly shaped hook at one end by which the chain can be caught and thrown on or off the drawbar hook.

The extreme hook of the Cape Cod Peninsula forms Provincetown Harbor, which is an excellent and capacious port.

For not by hook or by net could this vast leviathan be caught, when sailing a thousand fathoms beneath the sunlight.

My sister lives up in Parkside and sometimes I hook a ride up with Jeff so's I can visit.

There is good reason, however, to believe that they were the counterparts of the contemporary Cod and Hook parties in Holland, and of the Schieringers and Vetkoopers in Friesland.

We hook a few submersible containers to the back of the sub.

Early in the War of Independence Paulus Hook was fortified by the Americans, but soon after the battle of Long Island they abandoned it, and on the 23rd of September 1776 it was occupied by the British.