Sentence Examples with the word hood

Famous heroes who are specially connected with England are Alfred the Great, Richard Cceur-de-Lion, King Horn, Havelok the Dane, Guy of Warwick, Sir Bevis of Hampton (or Southampton), Robin Hood and his companions.

In Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire a host of place-names testify to the popularity of the Robin Hood legend - Robin Hood's Bay, Robin Hood's Cave, Robin Hood's Chase, Robin Hood's Cup (a well), Robin Hood's Chair, Robin Hood's Pricks, and many more.

In fact, it does for the Robin Hood cycle what a few years before Sir Thomas Malory had done for the Arthurian romances - what in the 6th century B.C. Peisistratus is said to have done for the Homeric poems.

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One was parked beside the building with its hood up, and an old mustang sat at the pump.

He loosened the knives at his hip and thighs before drawing on the protective gloves and tugging the protective hood and face combo over his head.

Of the ballads themselves, Robin Hood and the Monk is possibly as old as the reign of Edward II.

She has made me repeat the story of little Red Riding Hood so often that I believe I could say it backward.

When Josh leaned over the hood to repair the damage, Alex seized the opportunity.

This vestment is a loose robe, with a large hood (lined with fur in winter and red silk in summer) and a long train, which is carried by a cleric called the caudatarius.

This was essentially a gunnery appointment, and on the expiration of three years Hood was made Director of Naval Ordnance.

The almost spherical head is covered by a hood which can be retracted; it bears upon its side a number of sickle-shaped, chitinous hooks and one or more short rows of low 89 spines - both of these features are used in characterizing the various species.

She pulled her hood up against its furious roar.

As Josh climbed into his truck, Alex raised the hood and jerked a wire loose.

A hood made of rough material was thrown over her head and her hands bound before she could scream.

A peerage of Great Britain was conferred on his wife as Baroness Hood of Catherington in 1 795, and he was himself created Viscount Hood of Whitley in 1796.

According to his view the praeoral hood of Actinotrocha (cf.

I should have known no self-respecting hood would do that.

With shaking hands, she dressed in the simple garb of a page and pulled her hood to cover her face.

The sun reflected across several large dents in the hood and roof.

The indirect sun was warm on his face, and he was surprised how much better he was able to see the world without the depths of the hood hindering him.