Sentence Examples with the word honours

Antiochus of Commagene instituted an order of priests to celebrate the anniversary of his birth and coronation in a special sanctuary, and the kings of Pergamum claimed divine honours for themselves and their wives during their lifetime.

Refusing all honours and recompense, he prepared to return to Italy upon receiving news of the incipient revolutionary movement.

Even private persons, lords and ladies, affected to establish in their honours courts of equity.

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His brother Simon received similar honours (xiv.

The last-named place he reached (after a leisurely journey and many honours at the little courts just mentioned) at the beginning of October, and here he proposed to stay the winter, finish his Annals of and look about him.

Charles heaped honours on his opponents (Argyll was the one marquis of his name), and hastened to England.

None of these honours were sinecures.

The trick was discovered, and Heraclides received only ridicule instead of divine honours (Diogenes Laertius v.

The essential form of the cult of the martyrs was that of the honours paid to the illustrious dead; and these honours were officially paid by the community.

Almost the only American scientist of his day, he displayed remarkably deep as well as remarkably varied abilities in science and deserved the honours enthusiastically given him by the savants of Europe.