Sentence Examples with the word honourably

In November 1865 he was honourably mustered out of the volunteer service.

His misfortunes made him write both feelingly and forcibly on the bankruptcy laws; and although his creditors accepted a composition, he afterwards honourably paid them in full, a fact attested by independent and not very friendly witnesses.

He was appointed in 1839 bishop of Angelopolis (Puebla de los Angeles) in Mexico, and there honourably distinguished himself by his efforts to protect the natives from Spanish cruelty, forbidding any methods of conversion other than persuasion.

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He was honourably received at Stockholm, but neither the climate nor the tone of the court suited him, and he asked permission to leave.

The period was several times extended, at first grudgingly, Soderini complaining that Leonardo had treated the republic ill in the matter of the battle picture; whereupon the painter honourably offered to refund the money paid, an offer which the signory as honourably refused.

It was his function also to display and guard in battle the banner of the baron or banneret or the pennon of the knight he served, to raise him from the ground if he were unhorsed, to supply him with another or his own horse if his was disabled or killed, to receive and keep any prisoners he might take, to fight by his side if he was unequally matched, to rescue him if captured, to bear him to a place of safety if wounded, and to bury him honourably when dead.

Meanwhile he had been honourably discharged from voluntary service and appointed brigadier-general in the regular army Feb.

In Durham annals he is honourably remembered as the prelate who designed the existing cathedral, and also for his reform of ecclesiastical discipline.

Dost Mahommed surrendered (November 3, 1840) and was sent to India, where he was honourably treated.

He did not indeed escape calumny, and was even denounced on a charge of immoral practices, but fully and honourably acquitted.