Sentence Examples with the word honour

When on the death of Domenico Michiel, patriarch of Grado, the seat of that honour was transferred from desolate and insalubrious.

In 1613 The Masque of Flowers was presented by the members of Gray's Inn in the Old Banqueting House in honour of the marriage of the infamous Carr, earl of Somerset, and the equally infamous Lady Frances, daughter of the earl of Suffolk.

He was eventually canonized; and a festival in his honour long continued to be celebrated at Marseilles on the 25th of July.

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In funeral games in honour of Patroclus and other heroes, while the Hesiodic account of the five ages of man is a reminiscence of the belief in the continued existence of souls in a higher life.

A college of Luperci, with the surname Juliani, was instituted in his honour and flamines were created as priests of his godhead.

The name of Aurelia Aquensis was given to it in honour of Aurelius Severus, in whose reign it would seem to have been well known.

Roper afterwards congratulated his father-in-law on the distinguished honour which had been shown him.

It is thought that it may have been derived from the Roman Terminalia, a festival celebrated on the 22nd of February in honour of Terminus, the god of landmarks, to whom cakes and wine were offered, sports and dancing taking place at the boundaries.

This brilliant exploit earned him his captain's commission and a sword of honour from Congress.

In April 1776, while still retaining his seat in the Continental Congress, Jay was chosen as a member of the third provincial congress of New York; and his consequent absence from Philadelphia deprived him of the honour of affixing his signature to the Declaration of Independence.