Sentence Examples with the word hondo

Iii the centre there is the arc of the Izu-no-Shichito islands, which is continued into Hondo along the Fossa Magna.

The boundary with British Honduras was determined by a treaty of 1893 and is formed in great part by the Hondo river down to the head of Chetumal Bay, and thence through that bay to the Boca Bacalar Chicathe channel separating Yucatan from Ambergris Cay.

Structurally Japan is divided into two regions by a depression (the Fossa Magna of Naumann) which stretches across the island of Hondo from Shimoda to Nagano.

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The Carlsbad reservoir and diverting dam in Eddy county and the Rio Hondo canals and reservoir in Chaves county were completed in 1907 and are capable of supplying water to tracts of 20,000 and 10,000 acres respectively.

In the composition of many mountains in Hondo (the main island) granite plays a prominent part.

In North Hondo the great Bandai arc forms the axis of the island and stretches into Yezo (HokkaidO).

But the foundation on which the volcanoes rest is exposed along the east coast of Hondo (in the Kwanto, Abukuma and Kitakami hills), and also in the island of Yezo.