Sentence Examples with the word homogeneity

These systems may only be semi-stable, but they must last a sufficient length of time to give a train of waves having a length corresponding to the observed homogeneity of the line.

The homogeneity of wide circles, the sense of responsibility engendered by it, and continuity with the past are almost entirely lacking in it.

In the old Prussian provinces alone there were fifty-three different customs frontiers, and German manufactures could not develop until the growth of the Zollverein brought with it commercial consolidation, internal freedom and greater homogeneity of economic conditions.

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It is not to be supposed, however, that these traces of different elements indicate any lack of homogeneity in the Japanese race.

With Descartes the use of exponents as now employed for denoting the powers of a quantity becomes systematic; and without some such step by which the homogeneity of successive powers is at once recognized, the binomial theorem could scarcely have been detected.

And the consequence of this atomism is not what a careless thinker might be led to assume, extreme diversity, but, on the contrary, extreme homogeneity of culture.

In interpreting the phenomena observed in a spectroscope, it is necessary to remember that the instrument, as pointed out by Lord Rayleigh, is itself a producer of homogeneity within the limits defined by its resolving power.

Let us now consider the causes which may affect the homogeneity of radiation.

This principle is that of the universal homogeneity of nature; all things are at bottom the same, or interaction would be impossible (7rhvra Ta g ovra lore TOU a, rov ETEpo1006Bal etym.

But it is difficult to find any homogeneity in the repeated descriptions of this semi-gnostic phase, although now and then (e.g.