Sentence Examples with the word hommes

The year before the Revolution broke out he, with some assistance from a man of similar but lesser talent, Champcenetz, 2 compiled a lampoon, entitled Petit Almanach de nos grands hommes pour 1788, in which some writers of actual or future talent and a great many nobodies were ridiculed in the most pitiless manner.

Among them are, in addition to those already mentioned, Catechisme d'economie politique (1815); Petit Volume contenant quelques aperqus des hommes et de la societe, lettres a Malthus sur differens sujets d'economie politique (1820); Epitome des principes de l'economie politique (1831).

Pelet de la Lozere, Opinions de Napoleon sur divers sujets de politique et d'administration (Paris, 1833); Damas-Hinard, Napoleon, ses opinions et jugements sur les hommes et sur les chores (2 vols., Paris, 1838); L.

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He was elected a member of the French Academy in 1899, his most notable works being Orateurs et hommes d'etat (1888), Figures de femmes (1889), La Decentralization (1895), La Question sociale (1898).

His vigorous and idiomatic version of Plutarch, Vies des hommes illustres, was translated into English by Sir Thomas North, and supplied Shakespeare with materials for his Roman plays.

In 1799, on the invasion of the Russians and the overthrow of the Cisalpine republic, Dandolo retired to Paris, where, in the same year, he published his treatise Les Hommes nouveaux, ou moyen d'operer une regeneration nouvelle.

On the entablature is inscribed the words Aux Grandes Hommes La Patrie Reconnaissante.

Beljame's Le Public et les hommes de lettres en Angleterre au X VIII' siecle (2nd ed., 1 897), PP. 244-263.

The first, treating of agriculture and domestic economy, was the Journal economique (1751-1772); a Journal de commerce was founded in 1759; periodical biography may be first seen in the Necrologe des hommes celebres de France (1764-1782); the political economists established the Ephemerides du citoyen in 1765; the first Journal d'education was founded in 1768, and the Courrier de la mode in the same year; the theatre had its first organ in the Journal des theatres (1770); in the same year were produced a Journal de musique and the Encyclopedia militaire; the sister service was supplied with a Journal de marine in 1778.