Sentence Examples with the word homiletical

Many of his general exhortations are but very indirectly connected with the practical issue to which the epistle is directed, and it is very probable that he was drawing largely upon the homiletical material with which he was accustomed to edify his fellow-Christians at Rome.

The homiletical exposition of the text, with illustrations designed to make it more attractive to the readers or hearer.

Rashbam adopts a natural (as distinct from a homiletical and traditional) method; thus (in agreement with the modern school) Rashbam (on Gen.

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It is unmethodical and badly digested, homiletical in style, and abounding in biblical quotations.

He is even more discursive and more homiletical in style; he adds fresh citations of the Scriptures, and additional explanations and moral reflexions; and all this with so little judgment that he often leaves confusion worse confounded (e.g.

His lectures and addresses had the spirit if not the form of his sermons, just as his sermons were singularly free from the homiletical tone.