Sentence Examples with the word homicide

Jurisdiction in cases of homicide and the care of sacred olive trees.

The seat of the old oligarchical council and court for homicide was probably on its eastern height.

As he was forbidden to hand a case over to his successor, it resulted that in the last three months of the year no accusations of homicide could be brought (Ant.

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A single case of homicide often leads to a series of similar crimes or to protracted warfare between neighbouring families and communities; the murderer, as a rule, takes refuge in the mountains from the avenger of blood, or remains for years shut up in his house.

After the flood subsided God made a covenant with Noah permitting the use of animal food, on condition that the flesh is not eaten with the blood; and forbidding homicide (ix.

IIaXXabiw where cases of involuntary homicide were tried.

The court called re) Firi L EX4xvicW at Athens, which retained jurisdiction in cases where justifiable homicide was pleaded) .

Criminal jurisdiction is always regarded as purely territorial, but bigamy (together with homicide and treason) is an exception to this rule.

In addition to its political functions, the council from the time of Draco, if not earlier, exercised jurisdiction in certain cases of homicide (see below, ad fin.).

Eisner points out that homicide rates correlate well to levels of robbery, assault, and sexual violence across multiple countries and there is reason to believe it was so in the past as well.