Sentence Examples with the word homicidal

Also, as it has little taste and no colour it is easily mixed with food for homicidal purposes.

An insurrection in the north, headed by the earl of Huntly under pretext of rescuing from justice the life which his son had forfeited by his share in a homicidal brawl, was crushed at a blow by the Lord James against whose life, as well as against his sister's liberty, the conspiracy of the Gordons had been aimed, and on whom, after the father had fallen in fight and the son had expiated his double offence on the scaffold, the leading rebel's earldom of Murray was conferred by the gratitude of the queen.

In that light, his reaction to her appeared less like that of a moody homicidal maniac and more like one of a jilted lover.

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Much has been written concerning the acts of homicidal mania called amuck (amok), which word in the vernacular means to attack.

He'd flipped on her again, going from the tender lover to the homicidal maniac.

The Gheel system is regarded as the most humane method of dealing with the insane who have no homicidal tendencies, as it keeps up as long as possible their interest in life.