Sentence Examples with the word home market

The berries are of fine quality, and despite the competition of Brazil there is no (agricultural) reason why the home market at least should not be supplied from Cuban estates.

Industry was thus in many ways compensated for the paralysis of trade with private buyers in the home market and for the closing of foreign markets, and it would have been able to continue quietly on the old lines but for the emergence of a new factor which fundamentally altered the conditions.

As a consequence this central Russian industry, even when supported by very high protective duties, is only able to produce for the home market and the markets of the adjacent territories in Asia which are under Russian political control.

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Seeking for commercial profit, not in the exchange of commodities, but solely in the acquisition of actual gold and silver, and realizing that the home market could not absorb a tithe of the merchandise imported, the Lisbon capitalists sent their ships to discharge in Antwerp (where a Portuguese staple was established in 1503), or in some other port near the central markets of Europe.

When it is remembered that the ideal of both the authorities and the people is the ultimate monopoly of the home market by Hungarian industry and trade, and the strengthening of the Magyar influence by centralization, it is easy to understand the progress of Budapest.

As in the case of cotton, Italian woollen fabrics are conquering the home market in increasing degree.

Protection was demanded as a means both of aiding young industries and of fostering a home market for agricultural products.

Interprovincial commerce is free, and the home market is greatly increasing in importance.