Sentence Examples with the word holy trinity

Besides the church of St James, mentioned above, other modern churches are those of Holy Trinity and Christ church, and further up the valley there are the parish churches of Charlton (originally Norman) and Buckland (Early English).

In memory of the victory several monuments have been erected in the town and its vicinity, of which the most noticeable are the bronze statue of the Danish Land Soldier by Bissen (one of Thorvaldsen's pupils), and the great barrow over 50o Danes in the cemetery of the Holy Trinity Church, with a bas-relief by the same sculptor.

The first mention of Hull occurs under the name of Wykeupon-Hull in a charter of 1160 by which Maud, daughter of Hugh Camin, granted it to the monks of Meaux, who in 1278 received licence to hold a market here every Thursday and a fair on the vigil, day and morrow of Holy Trinity and twelve following days.

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The centre of interest is the cathedral of Moray, which was founded in 1224, when the church of the Holy Trinity was converted to this use.

In Holy Trinity church Hull possesses one of the largest English parish churches, having an extreme length of 272 ft.

A priory of friars of the Holy Trinity was founded at Hounslow in 1296, and existed till the dissolution of the monasteries.

The most notable churches are St Gotthard (14th century, remodelled in 1782) St Mary, attached to the Piarist college (1655-1658), the chapel of St Lawrence (13th century) and the church of the Holy Trinity belonging to the Franciscan friary (1655).

Shakespeare is buried in the chancel of Holy Trinity church, his wife lying next to him.

The Gild of the Holy Trinity is mentioned in 1 379, and grew rich and powerful.

A fair of twenty days from the vigil of Holy Trinity was granted to the bishop of Ely in 1327.