Sentence Examples with the word holy scripture

Such were the letters on the study of Holy Scripture (18th November 1893), and on the reunion of Christendom (20th June 1894).

But Locke accepted Holy Scripture as infallible with the reverence of a Puritan.

The first decree (Decretum de fide et ecclesia) declared that the Catholic Church has no right to introduce new dogmas, but only to preserve in its original purity the faith once delivered by Christ to His apostles, and is infallible only so far as it conforms to Holy Scripture and true tradition; the Church, moreover is a purely spiritual body and has no authority in things secular.

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Briggs, Study of Holy Scripture (1899), especially ch.

But although the conservative party was successful in inducing successive general assemblies to lay repeatedly stronger stress on the verbal inerrancy of Holy Scripture and to make belief in such inerrancy a requisite of teachers in theological seminaries and of candidates for the ministry, there was in other matters an increasing liberal tendency.

Moule, Historical Catalogue of the Printed Editions of Holy Scripture (London, vol.

The third council of Carthage in 397 forbade anything but Holy Scripture to be read in church; this rule has been adhered to so far as the liturgical epistle and gospel, and occasional additional lessons in the Roman missal are concerned, but in the divine office, on feasts when nine lessons are read at matins, only the first three lessons are taken from Holy Scripture, the next three being taken from the sermons of ecclesiastical writers, and the last three from expositions of the day's gospel; but sometimes the lives or Passions of the saints, or of some particular saints, were substituted for any or all of these breviary lessons.

His Doctrinal Treatises and Introductions to Different Portions of the Holy Scripture were published by the Parker Society in 1848.

Briggs Study of Holy Scripture (Edinburgh, 1899), ch.

The prefaces and notes to both these expressed the view that Holy Scripture is the only rule of doctrine, and that justification is by faith alone.