Sentence Examples with the word holiday

Its proximity to the southern outskirts of Epping Forest has brought it into favour both with residents and with holiday visitors from London.

She relinquished her annual holiday on the Riviera, feeling that at such a time she ought not to leave her country.

The Deans' budget couldn't afford a freeloader, even a pleasant, philosophical guest, especially during a holiday week when the house was full.

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He was one of the founders of the Rochdale Literary and Philosophical Society, took a leading part in its debates, and on returning from a holiday journey in the East, gave the society a lecture on his travels.

Nearly all its old industries - the coal mines, salt works, linen manufacture, and even the making of iron girdles for the baking of scones - have dwindled, but its pleasant climate and picturesqueness make it a holiday resort.

It has been famous for its sulphur and saline waters since the middle of the 18th century, and also enjoys great vogue as a holiday resort.

They refused to permit the vital problem of limitation of armaments to be side-tracked, and surprised the conference by proposing a ten-year naval holiday and a drastic scrapping of tonnage by the three chief naval Powers.

Mid-Lent, or the fourth Sunday in Lent, was long known as Mothering Sunday, in allusion to the custom for girls in service to be allowed a holiday on that day to visit their parents.

Her whole house was scrubbed and cleaned on Saturdays; neither she nor the servants worked, and they all wore holiday dress and went to church.

In the meantime a holiday in Schiller's Wurttemberg home had brought renewed health and vigour.