Sentence Examples with the word holdings

I shall research this old man's recent holdings as tedious as the project will be.

But the abolition of the law of hypothec in 1879 - under which the landlord had a lien for rent upon the produce of the land, the cattle and sheep fed on it, and the live stock and implements used in husbandry - the Ground Game Act of 1880, the sevekal Agricultural Holdings Acts, and the construction of light railways improved matters and established a better understanding.

While the manorial system was in full force this contrast led to a classification of holdings and affected the whole position of people on the land.

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The object of settlers, however, in a great many, perhaps in the majority of instances, is to dispose of their holdings as soon as possible after the requirements of the law have been complied with, and to avoid permanent settlement.

The object of the Small Holdings Act 1892 was to facilitate the acquisition of small agricultural holdings.

The unfortunate persons driven from their holdings and forced to seek a refuge in the towns, in England, orwhen they could afford itin the United States, carried with them everywhere the seeds of disease, the constant handmaid of famine.

The legislative outcome of the findings of this royal commission was the Agricultural Holdings Act 1883, a measure which continued in force in its entirety till 1901, when a new act came into operation.

It is impossible to give more than approximately accurate statistics of the resultant depopulation of Portugal; but it seems probable that the inhabitants of the kingdom decreased from about 1,800,000 or 2,000,000 in 1500 to The Slave thus discredited; the peasants sold their farms and p emigrated or flocked to the towns; and small holdings were merged into vast estates, unscientifically cultivated by slaves and comparable with the latifundia which caused so many agrarian evils during the last two centuries of the Roman republic. The decadence of agriculture partly explains the prevalence of famine at a time when Portuguese maritime commerce was most prosperous.

In the absence of express agreement or custom or statutory provision (such as is made by the Agricultural Holdings Act 1883), a tenancy from year to year is determinable on half a year's notice expiring at the end of some current year of the tenancy.

The population of the immigrant colony was 792,666, consisting mainly of thriving and prosperous peasants with occupancy rights in holdings of about 28 acres each.