Sentence Examples with the word hog

The fox and the jackal exist, and the wild hog is very abundant.

Rommel, The Hog Industry (1904; Bull..

Other species include the hog deer (C. porcinus), the barking deer or muntjac (Cervulus muntjac), and the chevrotain or mouse deer (Tragulus meminna).

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The tapir, fox, deer, wild cat, wild dog, carpincho or water hog and a few small rodents nearly complete the list of quadrupeds.

The town lies on a safe harbour on the north shore of New Providence, sheltered by the small Hog Island.

Some doubt exists whether the pygmy hog of the Nepal Terai, which is not much larger than a hare, is best regarded as a member of the typical genus, under the name of Sus salvanius or as representing a genus by itself, with the title Porcula salvania.

The principal food of the tiger in India is cattle, deer, wild hog and pea-fowl, and occasionally human beings.

A rare animal, called the pigmy hog (S.

The archipelago consists of Roatan or Ruatan, Guanaja or Bonacca, Utilla, Barbareta, Helena, Morat, the Puercos or Hog Islands, and many cays or islets.

On Boston's recommendation, Hog of Carnock reprinted The Marrow in 1718; and Boston also published an edition with notes of his own.