Sentence Examples with the word hoard

From another point of view it is a monstrous hoard or cairn of rough-hewn antiquarian learning, now often praised, sometimes quoted from, and never read.

Was a dependency containing an important hoard of bronze vessels (ib.

A few chance finds of vases, inscriptions and coins; of a hoard of silver bowls at Dali (anc. Idalium) 7 in 1851; and of a bronze tablet with Phoenician and Cypriote bilingual inscriptions, 8 also at Dali, and about the same time, had raised questions of great interest as to the art and the language of the ancient inhabitants.

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The Catholic bond of marriage has become stronger than the primitive Teutonic bond of kinship. Mistress now of the inexhaustible hoard of the Nibelungs, Kriemhild sought to win a following by lavish largesses; but this Hagen frustrated by seizing the treasure, with the consent of the kings, and sinking it in the Rhine, all taking an oath never to reveal its hidingplace, without the consent of the others, so long as they should live (Avent.

Thereupon Andvari, enraged, laid upon the hoard and all who should possess it a curse.

A large hoard of coins was found here in 1891.

She liked the idea of being special, especially with the hoard of beautiful women in front of her whose perfect bodies left her feeling plain.

Castres has a sub-prefecture, tribunals of first instance and of commerce, a hoard of trade-arbitrators, a chamber of commerce, a branch of the bank of France and two hospitals.

The hoard represented thousands of man hours yet all their efforts proved unsuccessful.

A hoard of about 1,600 silver coins, found at Carditsa in 1914, was acquired by the National Museum of Athens.