Sentence Examples with the word hives

It is quite natural that bees living in colonies should be subject to diseases, and only since the introduction of movable-comb hives has it been possible to learn something about these ailments.

This is probably the maximum, and the hives were necessarily located in separate apiaries some few miles apart in order to avoid the evils of overstocking, but all in the midst of thousands of acres of honey-yielding flowers.

This trouble may be guarded against by feeding the bees in the early autumn with good food made from cane sugar, and housing them in well-ventilated hives kept warm and dry by suitable coverings.

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One of the best-known hives in England is that known as the W.B.C. hive, devised in 1890 by W.

Notwithstanding this fact, the advancement of apiculture and the continuous development of the modern frame-hive and methods of working have proceeded with such rapidity, both in England and in America, that hives and appliances used prior to 1885 are now obsolete.

The methods of handling bees vary in different countries, this being in a great measure accounted for by the number of hives kept.

Drones (or male bees) are more or less numerous in hives according to the skill of the bee-keeper in limiting their production.

Re secured, and all loose parts of the hives being interchangeable time will be saved during the busy season when time means money.

As spring merges into summer, sunny days become more frequent; the ever-increasing breadth of beeforage yields still more abundantly, and the excitement among the labourers crowding the hives increases, rendering room in advance, shade and ventilation, a sine qua non.

The really diligent student in one of the crowded hives of Cambridge College is as solitary as a dervish in the desert.