Sentence Examples with the word history

Such an arrangement would distribute a 1 For a history of the discovery of the earth return, see Fahie, History of Electric Telegraphy to the Year 18 37, pp. 343-348.

Johnson, History of Nebraska (Omaha, 1880).

Schwegler published also an edition of the Clementine Homilies (1847), and of Eusebius's Ecclesiastical History (1852); in philosophy Ubersetzung and Erlciuterung der aristot.

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His doings at Asuncion belong, however, not to the history of Argentina, but of Paraguay.

That white men can thrive and work in Cape Colony the history of South Africa amply demonstrates.

The following details will suffice for the history of a struggle in which no great political object was attained, and which left the Assamese still the same wild and piratical people as when their fleets of canoes first sallied forth against the Bengal delta.

The economy boomed and history dutifully stayed ended until one Tuesday morning in September 2001 in New York City when it resumed again.

The Scottish-Gaelic literature, which is separately dealt with (see Celt: Literature) is, by comparison, of minor importance; and the Latin, though it has a range and influence in Scotland to which it is difficult to find a parallel in the history of the literatures of Europe, is (perhaps for the very reason of its persistency and extent) so bound up with the vernacular that it may be conveniently treated with that literature.

It is important to note that in conceiving philosophic studies to be all one with historical studies and attaining to this unity in himself, he cultivated historical studies to an equal extent with purely theoretical and speculative studies, concentrating especially upon the history of thought and poetry.

His gaze darkened, and Xander knew his long-time ally was thinking of their shared history from the time before the Schism that split the mortal and immortal worlds apart.