Sentence Examples with the word historically

It has to be established on the Roman Catholic side that faith (or dogma; the two are inseparable) deals with divine truths historically revealed long ago but now administered with authority, according to God's will, by the church.

The early 17th-century attempts at their independent use and characterization are historically interesting, but artistically almost barbarous.

The Golden Fleece (La Toison d'Or) ranks historically and in distinction as one of the great knightly orders of Europe.

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This third body of invaders is known collectively as Firbolgs, and is ethnologically and historically very important.

Though Lahore,, the more ancient city, remains the official capital of the Punjab, Delhi is historically more famous, and is now more important as a commercial and railway centre.

The famous correspondence produced next year in evidence against her at the conference of York may have been, as her partisans affirm, so craftily garbled and falsified by interpolation, suppression, perversion, or absolute forgery as to be all but historically worthless.

More interesting historically is the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, built in 1514-1539, and the scene of the sessions of the famous Ecumenical Council (as to which, see below) which lasted, with several breaks, from 1545 to 1563; near it, in the open, a column was erected in 1845, on the occasion of the three hundredth anniversary of the opening of the Council.

By the majority of those historically known as the English deists, from Blount onwards, the name was owned and honoured.

The other species, Modalism, has its most important type historically in Sabellianism.

It is worthy of notice that Haran, in upper Mesopotamia, which also was a home of Abraham, was likewise a famous site of worship of the god Sin, and that the name of that god also appears in Mount Sinai, which was historically connected with the origin of the Hebrew nation and religion.