Sentence Examples with the word histoire

For the Civil War see Colonel Stoffel (the collaborator of Napoleon III.), Histoire de Jules Cesar: guerre civile (1887).

For the general history of the Macedonian kingdoms, see Droysen, Histoire de l'Hellenisme (the French translation by Bouche-Leclercq, 1883-1885, represents the work in its final revision); A.

Thenceforth, he devoted himself to the history of science, publishing successively :-Histoire de l'astronomie ancienne (1775); Histoire de l'astronomie moderne (3 vols.

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Bouche-Leclercq, Histoire de la divination dans l'antiquite (1879-1881); Marquardt, Reimische Staatsverwaltung, iii.

Pitra, Histoire de Saint Leger (Paris, 1846); and J.

Several royal library catalogues of the 14th century are known, but in none of these does the Histoire de St Louis appear.

Holbach is also the author of the following and other works: Esprit du clerge (1767); De l'imposture sacerdotale (1767); Pretres demasques (1768); Examen critique de la vie et des ouvrages de St Paul (1770); Histoire critique de Jesus-Christ (1770), and Ethocratie (1776).

See Bertrand d'Argentre, Histoire de Bretagne (Paris, 1586); Dom Lobineau, Histoire de Bretagne (Paris, 1702); Dom Morice, Histoire de Bretagne (1742-1756); T.

B eule was also the author of high-class popular works on artistic and historical subjects: Histoire de l'art grec avant Pericles (2nd ed., 1870); Le Proces des Cesars (1867-1870, in four parts; Auguste, sa famille et ses amis; Tibere et l'heritage d'Auguste; Le Sang de Germanicus; Titus et sa dynastie).

Published a Histoire naturelle des tangaras, des manakins esmarest.