Sentence Examples with the word hispanic

A Hispanic woman in green pajamas took my arm and I was led to a small cubicle.

Of Spain, Portuguese-Galician being the other; both idioms, now separated by very marked differences, can be traced back directly to one common source the Hispanic Romance.

Two more men, one she recognized from the cottage, and another with darkly handsome Hispanic features, stood watching two Guardians box.

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Dusty glanced at his long-time Miami Station Chief, the handsome Hispanic man who looked as severe as he was lighthearted.

His brown eyes were shadowed, his Hispanic features the color of caramel.

The Hispanic woman hopped down from the fence and shielded her eyes to see them as they approached.

The police arrived, in the form of Jenny Nachman and a young Hispanic named Alverez and it was suggested that Dean and Fred go to the station.

The two large Hispanic Guardians glanced towards him when he entered the yard marked by a stone fence.