Sentence Examples with the word hire

Then I'll hire someone.

Sure. Chet never did hire anyone else.

When you get ready to start, let me know and I'll hire you some help ... or I'll work with you.

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And I'm not in a position to hire you but perhaps I can help.

And I didn't hire him.

New England can hire all the wise men in the world to come and teach her, and board them round the while, and not be provincial at all.

The Phocians, led by two capable generals, Philomelus and Onomarchus, replied by seizing Delphi and using its riches to hire a mercenary army.

Struct and maintain waterworks, dig wells, take on lease or hire any waterworks, purchase waterworks or water, or right to take or convey water either within or without their district, and any rights, powers and privileges of any water company, and contract with any person for the supply of water.

You must hire or squat somewhere, and raise but a small crop, and eat that soon.

But Matthias, who began by deposing Garai and dismissing Szilagyi, and then proceeded to levy a tax, without the consent of the Diet, in order to hire mercenaries, easily prevailed.