Sentence Examples with the word hippodrome

For such contests the hippodrome was set apart.

A third example of Roman architecture - the remains of a white marble portico supposed to have formed the entrance to the hippodrome - is known by the Judaeo-Spanish designation of Las Incantadas, from the eight Caryatides in the upper part of the structure.

In 390 7000 citizens who had been guilty of insurrection were massacred in the hippodrome by command of Theodosius.

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Exasperated by their loyalty to their religion, the king ordered all the Jews in Egypt to be imprisoned in the hippodrome of Alexandria.

The imperial palace, founded by Constantine and extended by his successors, occupied the territory which lies to the east of St Sophia and the Hippodrome down to the water's edge.

From the state of the ground the German explorers inferred that the length of the hippodrome was 770 metres or 4 Olympic stadia.

The hippodrome remains in the valley below, and the columns of the street of columns are in very good order.

Thus the dressed stones of the ancient theatre served to build barracks; the material of the hippodrome went to build the church; while the portico of the hippodrome, supported by granite and marble columns, and approached by a fine flight of steps, was destroyed by Cardinal Lavigerie in a search for the tomb of St Marciana.

He ornamented the city with baths, and surrounded the hippodrome with porticos; but it was not till the time of Caracalla that it was restored to its former political privileges.

The Hippodrome in Paris somewhat resembles the Roman amphitheatre, being open in the centre to the sky, with seats round on rising levels.