Sentence Examples with the word hip

He loosened the knives at his hip and thighs before drawing on the protective gloves and tugging the protective hood and face combo over his head.

One of his hands brushed her hip then returned.

His hand remained on her hip until she shivered again.

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The 1960s brought us hip replacement, the artificial heart, a liver transplant, and a lung transplant.

Among hospitals are the Italian, the Homoeopathic, the National for the paralysed and epileptic, the Alexandra for children with hip disease, and the Hospital for sick children.

It was called Fanum Sancti Hip polyti, from which, by corruption, the actual name is derived.

A considerable length of the toga was allowed to hang from the left shoulder; the remainder was passed round the body so as to rise like a baldric (balteus) from the right hip to the left shoulder, being folded over in front (the fold was called sinus), then brought round the back of the neck so that the end fell over the right shoulder; the hanging portion on the left side was drawn up through the sinus, and bulged out in an umbo (Plate, fig.

Arnie snatched the laser weapon at his hip and shoved it against her temple.

He stood close enough to feel her body heat and rested a hand on her hip as they waited for Ashley to unlock the door.

She took one more look at the ominous man in black and the sword at his hip and followed, shaking from more than cold.