Sentence Examples with the word hint

There was a hint of recognition on the man's face as he glanced over Dean's shoulder at Edith Shipton who had just emerged from the parlor.

Naturally the probability of such a tradition - the merest hint of which happens to be preserved in Gen.

We learn in them how Caliban (democracy), the mindless brute, educated to his own responsibility, makes after all an adequate ruler; how Prospero (the aristocratic principle, or, if we will, the mind) accepts his dethronement for the sake of greater liberty in the intellectual world, since Caliban proves an effective policeman, and leaves his superiors a free hand in the laboratory; how Ariel (the religious principle) acquires a firmer hold on life, and no longer gives up the ghost at the faintest hint of change.

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This feature of the tale contains some hint of the long nightless summer in the Arctic regions, which perhaps reached the Greeks through the merchants who fetched amber from the Baltic coasts.

Try to think of the advances we have seen so far in history as the very tip of the iceberg, a hint of what is possible, not even being within sight of what is possible.

The melancholy of the song is a hint of the Joni circa Urge For Going period.

Gabriel held the door open for Katie, who took the hint and walked out.

She took the hint but wondered who had hurt him so badly that he still bore a grudge thousands of years later.

He let it be known that he strongly disapproved of their proposal to elect Count Melzi, the Italian statesman most suitable for the post; and a hint given by Talleyrand showed the reason for his disapproval.

They rejected animal sacrifice as well as marriage; the oil with which priests and kings were anointed they accounted unclean; and the condemnation of oaths and the community of goods were unmistakable innovations for which they found no hint or warrant in the old Hebrew writings.