Sentence Examples with the word hike

The two-hour hike had turned into a six-hour battle when his men tripped over a scout in the lower valley.

Twenty-four hours after his hour-long downhill hike from the mine, Dean's stilts felt like he'd run a barefoot marathon on cobblestoned streets.

The two mused over capturing a free half-day to hike the alpine meadows.

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Even bucolic Ouray, the quintessential small town, wasn't immune to the darker side of the rock-strewn hike through puberty.

Maybe you'd like me to hike out to the highway and scrape up some road kill for supper.

Joseph, smiling for the first time in Dean's memory, said he and Ginger planned to walk about town and perhaps hike up to the nearby Box Canyon waterfall.

His ego just can't stand the fact that it was Edith who took the hike and not him.

He was plotting the rest of his hike last night.

She ate in silence, wondering how she could manage the hike to the car.