Sentence Examples with the word highway

With the exception of the highway from Pnom-Penh (q.v.) the capital, to Kampot, the roads of Cambodia are not suited for vehicles.

When all or any of the works aforesaid have been executed in the street, and the council are of opinion that the street ought to become a highway repairable by the inhabitants at large, they may by notice to be fixed up in the street declare it to be a highway repairable by the inhabitants at large, and the declaration will be effective unless, within one month after the notice has been put up, the majority of the owners in the street object thereto.

Our route scooted between Pennsylvania and Virginia for three hours until we crossed into West Virginia and traded a major highway for winding secondary roads.

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The latter is at once the great fertilizer and the great highway of the country which it serves.

They have for many centuries been the highway of commerce, and afford a cheap and economical means of transport.

The site of Jacksonville was called Cow Ford (a version of the Indian name, Wacca Pilatka), from the excellent ford of the St John's River, over which went the King's Road, a highway built by the English from St Augustine to the Georgia line.

Her adrenaline soared at the thought of taking the vehicle out on Highway 1, the road that hugged the coast.

At the same time a passenger crossing the highway is also bound to use due care in avoiding vehicles, and the mere fact of a driver being on the wrong side of the road would not be evidence of negligence in such a case.

The State Training School is for the reformatory training of children between eight and eighteen years of age who have been found guilty of any crime other than murder, manslaughter or highway robbery, or who for some other cause have been committed to it by a court of competent jurisdiction.

It is picturesquely situated on the western slope of the Lea valley, with a consider able extension towards the river, mainly consisting of artisans' dwellings (Churchbury, Ponder's End, and Enfield Highway on the Old North Road).