Sentence Examples with the word highly

All the way back to the house she was highly excited, and learned the name of every object she touched, so that in a few hours she had adDED THIRTY NEW WORDS TO HER VOCABULARY.

In some rivers the water is generally pure; in others it is highly charged with fertilizing alluvium, or, it may be, with barren silt.

These were so highly thought of that in 1909 he was appointed extraordinary professor of theoretical physics at the university of Zurich.

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To the virtues of liberality, charity and clemency he added the Machiavellian qualities of falsehood and shrewdness, so highly esteemed by the princes of his time.

Foot generally provided with a highly developed byssogenous apparatus.

There remain, however, some cases in which it is highly probable that names of nonIsraelites are really compounded with Yahweh.

The excretory system is highly developed and opens at the posterior extremity by a paired muscular bladder.

The owners of these small farms cultivated them with much care, and rendered them highly productive.

William's writs show not only that he kept intact the old system of governing through the sheriffs and the courts of shire and hundred, but also that he found it highly serviceable.

As the rock was highly viscous and the surface over which it moved was often irregular the motion was disturbed and fluctuating; hence the sinuous and contorted appearance frequently assumed by the banding.