Sentence Examples with the word high speed

The cardinal idea was to force the aeroplanes (slightly elevated at their anterior margins) forwards, kite-fashion, by means of powerful vertical screw propellers driven at high speed - the greater the horizontal speed provided by the propellers, the greater, by implication, the lifting capacity of the aerodrome.

A device of more recent introduction is an electrically-driven charging machine, in which the centrifugal force created by a fly-wheel revolving at high speed is applied to drive coal into the retort.

My high speed was spotted by a patrol car coming in the opposite direction.

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Shafts, on the other hand, may be made of almost any capacity, owing to the high speed in drawing which is attainable with proper mechanism, and allow of the use of more perfect arrangements at the surface than can usually be adopted at the mouth of a level on a hill-side.

Where high speed lowering is not required it is usual to employ a reversing motor and keep it always in gear.

Thus an engine working at maximum power may be used to haul a relatively light load at a high speed or a heavy load at a slow speed.

They were formerly used on a very large scale in Belgium and South Wales, but the great weight of the moving parts makes it impossible to drive them at the high speed called for by modern requirements, so that centrifugal fans are now generally adopted instead.

In a steam vessel running at high speed on an ocean route, with engines working smoothly and uniformly, a careful officer with correct line and glass can obtain very accurate results with the common log.

A sheet of metal set revolving at a high speed in a lathe is bent over into cup-shaped forms, with numerous mouldings, by a blunt hardened tool.

Evidence pointed towards high speed pursuit being the cause of the wreck.